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London's Continuum magazine was created in the early 90s by Jody Wells. Huw Christie then took over and the magazine became a unique platform for AIDS rethinkers.
Continuum ceased to exist after the death of Huw Christie except for a last on-line edition edited by Michael Baumgartner.
Joan Shenton has created a foundation to perpetuate the archives of Meditel and Continuum and also helped Sarah Ayech to create a now non-functional www.continuummagazine website.
Many articles from Continuum are still available from private archives and other sources.

Here is a list of what is still available.

Direct links to Continuum magazine in PDF (Acrobat Reader) format :

Vol 4 n°1
Vol 4 n°2
Vol 4 n°3
Vol 4 n°4
Vol 4 n°5
Vol 4 n°6
Vol 5 n°1
Vol 5 n°2
Vol 5 n°3
Vol 5 n°4
Vol 5 n°5
Vol 5 n°6
Vol 6 n1 n2

Direct link to the last on-line Continuum, Vol 6 n°3 :

Direct link to Alex Russell's site with several related articles :

Direct link to Joan Shenton's Immunity Resource Foundation website :

There are many Continuum articles to be found on Gary Null's website :

Thanks to John Kirkham and Alex Russell for encouragement and making old archives available.

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