The Huw Christie Memorial Prize:
$100,000 Reward for 'HIV'

Offered by Alexander Russell 19th July 2002

"...infectious units, after all, are the only clinically relevant criteria for a viral pathogen."
Peter Duesberg and Harvey Bialy (Nature, 375, 1995, p. 197)

I am still offering $100,000 Reward for the first person who can prove that 'HIV' exists via visual confirmation.

There is no evidence that 'HIV' is a sexually transmitted retrovirus and the current 2002 UK Public Health Laboratory Service figures clearly confirm this. You simply cannot have a putative retrovirus that is permanently restricted for 20 years to the two originally identified risk group: gay men and drug addicts.

There is no heterosexual 'HIV/AIDS' epidemic in the UK, Europe and the USA and there never will. In the Ukraine and Easter Europe this is not an 'AIDS' epidemic but a recreational drug epidemic. It is the recreational drugs that are the activating factors; that are activating the endogenous material wrongly labelled 'HIV'. It is the chemicals in cocaine and other recreational drugs that make people test 'HIV' positive and not the putative 'HIV'.

Cocaine acts as an in vivo mitogen in exactly the same way that other plant derived substances have a mitogenic effect on cell-cultures in vitro. Indeed, experiments have shown that when cocaine is added to cell-cultures, the cells are activated and show a typical mitogenic response. Cocaine is the most obvious example but add to this the full repertoire of recreational drugs indulged in by many gay men and it is no wonder that their constantly activate cells permit the putative 'HIV' tests to dredge up something endogenous. Consider this: there is not one study which claims to show that any animal retrovirus is sexually transmitted so why should 'HIV' be the exception?

There is no 'AIDS' epidemic in South Africa and there are no 'AIDS' graves. According to recent news reports citing national statistics, life expectancy in South Africa has increased by nine years during the period of time known as the AIDS epidemic, deaths in South Africa from all causes including 'AIDS' remain at less than 1% annually, infant mortality has not increased there in the past 20 years, and the country's population grows at a healthy 3% each year. What they have cynically remarketed and reclassified as 'AIDS' is in fact the global recreational drug epidemic and diseases which thrive in the Third World such as TB and malaria.

Hans Gelderblom of Berlin's Robert Koch Institute co-authored the first paper in Virology, March 1997, showing 'purified HIV' to be 'purified microvesicles'. What was assumed to be 'purified HIV' was in fact "an excess of vesicles" - particles of cellular proteins. The hypothetical 'HIV' is in fact a collection of endogenous microvesicles and cellular proteins (which also never seem to form particles - so how can they be infectious)? Cell-free viral 'HIV' particles have never ever been visualised in any freshly donated bodily fluid including semen, blood, etc. 'HIV' has never ever proven to be a sexually transmitted retrovirus. To date: no electron-micrograph image exists of isolated/purifed densely packed 'HIV' particles recovered directly from fresh samples of any bodily fluid.

The orthodoxy always comes up with cloned laboratory artefacts from which they adduce similar objects are to be found plentifully in the wild.

The key fact to remember is that cell-free infectious 'HIV' viral particles have never, repeat never, been recovered from fresh donor semen. It is homophobic nonsense to say 'HIV' is sexually transmitted via anal sex as well as scientifically totally unproven. 'HIV' is not an STD.

The rules demonstrating the existence of 'HIV' (and retroviruses in general) were never adhered to by those who devised them nor were they ever validated. No particle of 'HIV' has ever been obtained pure, free of contaminants; nor has a complete piece of 'HIV RNA' (or the transcribed DNA) ever been proved to exist.

The immunological-stressors of the 'gay life style' (recreational drug use, antibiotics, flu jabs, alcoholism, untreated STDs, etc) can make many gay men test 'HIV' positive. All 'HIV' testing kits come with the warning that they must not and cannot be used as diagnostic tools to prove 'HIV' infection.

So confident am I that no such electron-micrograph evidence for the existence of 'HIV' can be produced by adhering strictly to the Etienne de Harven methodology, I am prepared to offer the sum of $100,000 to the first person to submit just such a micrograph, prepared under stringent laboratory conditions. I do not want 'markers' for 'viral activity' which are at very best, inaccurate. I want visual evidence of myriad active, infectious viral particles, clearly morphologically defined recovered from a fresh sample of bodily fluid, unadulterated with any other kinds of cells: i.e: CEM,H9 cancer cells. As Peter Duesberg and Harvey Bialy stated in Nature: "...infectious units, after all, are the only clinically relevant criteria for a viral pathogen." (Nature, 375, 1995, p. 197) Once again, to paraphrase Peter Duesberg, an alleged 'virus' which is not doing anything cannot be 'causing' anything.

The rules for attempting to isolate the putative 'HIV' via the Etienne de Harven methodology are:

1. Only plasma centrifuged from fresh whole blood may be used in the experiment. No material derived from cultured cells will be considered, to rule out 'viral particles' which may be merely cultural artefacts.

2. The donor blood/plasma must be taken from a person/persons with a recent 'high-viral load' test result, and evidence for the date and result of the test (the number of 'HIV'- RNA's alleged) must be submitted, obviously with the name of the person/persons deleted to preserve donor confidentiality.

3. The donor must not be in receipt of protease inhibitors, AZT or any 'antiviral drugs'.

4. Only cold heparinised Ringer's solution may be used to dilute the plasma 1/1 ( i.e. 50%).

5. The diluted plasma shall be first filtered by aspiration-filtration, through a 0.6 millipore membrane. The resulting filtrate #1 will then be filtered again, this time using a 0.22 millipore membrane and filtrate #2 will be submitted to ultracentrifugation.

6. Centrifugation at 30,000 g for two hours will be used to prepare a pellet, likely to be extremely small. This pellet will be fixed with glutaraldehyde and osmium, then carefully detached and embedded in epoxy resins following routine EM procedures.

7. The electronmicrograph shall be at least 19,500 x magnification, and must resemble that published in Fig.1 of this article for particle size and shape, but with one notable and important variation. 'HIV' has been deemed to be a lentivirus, possessing a dense core of truncated conical shape. An ultrathin slice of randomly packed lentiviruses must inevitably show a number of particles bisected to show this core lengthwise, as well as end-on, with a resultant apparent mixture of round and 'rod-shaped' dense cores. Any micrograph which does not clearly show this feature will be deemed not to represent the lentivirus 'HIV'.

8. This challenge is open to any qualified scientists, or microbiology students/lab technicians with the necessary lab skills and facilities to carry out the work.

Photographs of the required electron-micrograph(s) plus full details of the methodology, along with brief details of the senders' qualifications, must be sent to me at:

NB: Emeritus Professor of Pathology, University of Toronto. He worked in electron microscopy primarily on the ultrastructure of retroviruses throughout his professional career of 25 years at the Sloan Kettering Institute in New York, and 13 years at the University of Toronto.

Alexander Russell, 19th July, 2002

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