Most aspects of Human Rights, medical ethics and legal rights have been violated by the AIDS establishment


AIDS Industry Drug Pusher Faces Genocide Charge: Download Criminal Complaint PDF


Book Review: Wrongful Death: The AIDS Trial

Mark Griffiths' former case against the Pasteur Institute in France soon.
And a full description with books & links

Why an HIV test may not provide proof positive at all
Neville Hodgkinson

Human rights and policy
Michael Baumgartner
The guidelines on HIV/AIDS published by UNAIDS & UNCHR have only ever looked at AIDS from the HIV/AIDS political point of view. Here are some proposals of fundamental rights for those who challenge the official dogma.

Wake the law!
Huw Christie
Court action for "false diagnosis"?

The right to information of people diagnosed HIV positive and with AIDS
Informed consent and free therapeutic choice are fundamental human rights
Mark Griffiths
(European Parliament 08/12/03)
You can also download an MS Word version

Medical fascism and a witch-hunt in France
Philippe Autrive, Paris Human Rights lawyer and Sylvie Simon French Health Freedom author


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